SATURATED SPACE IX :  Colour Constructs

SATURATED SPACE VIII :  Colour Strategies Symposium

SATURATED SPACE VII :  Nathalie Du Pasquier - Don't Take These Drawings Seriously

SATURATED SPACE VI :  Fundamentals of Space - Colour & Line

SATURATED SPACE V :  The Drama of Colour

SATURATED SPACE IV :  Colour & Theatricality

SATURATED SPACE III :  Reflections & Refractions

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SATURATED SPACE II :  Material, Light and Atmosphere

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SATURATED SPACE I : Science, Perception and Practice
7th Feb 2012 2pm-5pm

This is the first set of talks introducing a two-year collaborative exploration of the relationship between colour and volume, through saturated and reflective colour.
Science, perception and practice is an open event at the Architectural Association, 36 Bedford Square, in the rear second presentation room, on the 7th February 2pm-5pm.
Colour is fundamental to how we see space. We start Saturated Space by looking at colour from very different disciplinary perspectives, and vastly different scales, so as to understand its effect on spatial perception in terms of materials, culture, human physiology and physical science. 
The disciplinary and perspectival overlaps between the speakers in this first set of talks, will act as the raw material that will initiate the explorations, physical studies, and theoretical research, that will be conducted by the cluster throughout the two year program.
Prof Lars Stixrude is an expert in Geophysics at UCL, and will be exploring the origin of color in natural materials, and the relationship between color and the discovery of Earth's history.

Dr Jim Harris from the Courtauld insitute will be discussing polychrome sculpture, and the effects of a coloured object within the spaces that were designed for the works.

Prof Semir Zeki, professor of neuroesthetics at UCL, will be presenting a lecture with the title 'Colour Vision: Reality and Illusion'.

Louisa Hutton director at Sauerbruch Hutton, a practice known for the synthesis of colour in their designs.

Prof Peter Salter, professor of Architectural Design at Cardiff University, will discuss his use of texture, tone and shadow pigmentation, through the mediums of drawing, and material tests.

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