Sunday 26 February 2012

Saturated Space 1: Science, Perception and Practice

Our launch event was a romp through the various aspects of colour, from Neuroscience to Art History, Geology, Painting, and of course, Architecture.

The video above includes Adam introducing the cluster, its scope and remit within the context of the AA, and Antoni talking about his mural (the UKs largest) at the Royal Court theatre in Sloane Square.

This video is of the presentation made by Lars Stixtrude, Professor of Geology at UCL, in which he takes us on a journey to the origin of color in natural materials, and the relationship between colour and the billion year long processes that formed the planet.

Here in "Colour Vision: Reality and Illusion" Semir Zeki, Professor of Neuroesthetics at UCL explains how through our notion of colour, the fundamentally human, shared but subjective, and neurologically defined structure of 'objective' reality can be revealed as the beautiful illusion that it is.

Dr Jim Harris from the Courtauld Institute discusses polychrome sculpture, the archaeology of a coloured surface, and how incredible historical narratives can unfurl from just a centimetre's depth.

And finally Louisa Hutton from Sauerbruch Hutton Architects takes us on a meticulous voyage through a veritable museum of prototypes and experiments, all reaching towards the remarkably lucid achievement in the Brandhorst Museum, of Colour as the hinge between the Urban and the Architectural.

The themes and topics explored here will be expanded upon (we will be investigating the political and cultural dimensions of colour) and explored through a range of experiments, texts and speculations that the cluster will be supporting over the next year. Please contact us for more information at

Post by Adam Nathaniel Furman

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