Saturated Space is a platform for the sharing, exploration, & celebration of colour in Architecture, Design and Urbanism. Depth in these fields is idolised as pure, abstract, white, difficult to grasp, serious & linguistic, while whatever is sensual, eloquent, colourful & essentially non‐linguistic is ridiculed as superficial, cosmetic, vulgar, indecent, & even pornographic. Colour, operating directly on the senses is demonised & feared, with its legitimacy -although never its power- in perpetual doubt. Saturated Space begins the process of re‐evaluating the frame of this artificial contradiction, instigating a ceasefire & bringing the two sides together.

At an epoch-making moment of material and technological fecundity, and paradigm-shattering political and social change, in which the potentials for polychromatic design and fabrication and its consequent symbolic and aesthetic charge are multiplying in ways never witnessed before, Saturated Space will provide the space to let go and run into the rainbow, all the while injecting a hit of sensuality into Theory, and getting colours to speak up for themselves.

The cluster will be taking a comprehensive look at the “grammar” of colour, the history of colour in architecture, the perceptual and phenomenological principles of colour in relation to the human subject, the material science of colour, and the socio-political aspects of colour as a culturally active agent.

Started in 2011 at the Architectural Association school of Architecture, London, Saturated Space runs a course at the school, as well as workshops, academic symposia in various locations involving multiple speakers, and publishes papers on this web platform.


Saturated Space is co-run by two Directors:

Antoni Malinowski is an artist. He works with pigment, light, movement and time, investigating the dynamic relationship that exists between pictorial and architectural spaces. Malinowski focuses on the perceptual, emotive, and physical properties of colour. Ever since his acclaimed Camden Arts Centre exhibition in 1997 he has collaborated with several eminent architects (Bolles+Wilson, Haworth Tompkins, Eric Parry) on permanent projects in architecture. They range from engineering colour for facades (collaboration with Arup Associates) to complex wall paintings. Since 2001 Antoni has taught at the AA, and in 2002 he established “the Materiality of Colour” as a course which offers a unique way of learning about colour in space, through focusing on the interaction of light and the micro structures of pigments.

Adam Nathaniel Furman is a designer who works at various scales and across a range of mediums. He teaches, writes, designs, makes and collaborates as often as opportunity allows.

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