Saturated Space is a forum for the sharing, exploration, and celebration of colour in Architecture.

Depth in architecture is idolised as pure, abstract, white, difficult to grasp, serious and linguistic, while whatever is sensual, eloquent, colourful and essentially non‐linguistic is ridiculed as superficial, cosmetic, vulgar, indecent, and even pornographic. Colour, operating directly on the senses is demonised and feared, with its legitimacy -although never its power- in perpetual doubt.

Through the research of this cluster we will begin the process of re‐evaluating and restructuring the frame of this artificial contradiction within the context of Architecture and its education, instigating a ceasefire and bringing the two sides together. At an epoch-making moment of material and technological fecundity, in which the potentials for polychromatic design and fabrication are multiplying in ways never witnessed before, Saturated Space will provide the space to let go and run into the rainbow, all the while injecting a hit of sensuality into Theory, and getting colours to speak up for themselves.

The cluster will be taking a comprehensive look at the “grammar” of colour, the history of colour in architecture, the perceptual and phenomenological principles of colour in relation to the human subject, the material science of colour, and the socio-political aspects of colour as a culturally active agent.

Based at the Architectural Association school of Architecture in Bedford Square, London, and linked to the phd research program at UIAV, Venice , the program will be developed in two parallel ways.

1. A series of seminars with leading figures in the fields of applied science, design, and art history, will introduce the topic to the field of Architecture in an interdisciplinary manner, opening up the field to new transgressions.Description: https://mail.google.com/mail/images/cleardot.gif

2. The weblog, online publishing platform, video channel and our social media outlets will be used to generate thoughts and discussion surrounding the topic as a theoretical investigation, as well as documenting singular and groundbreaking examples of physical experimentation. At a stage of critical mass, when there is a burgeoning need for the process and its outcomes to be presented to the world, exhibitions will be held, both in London and Venice, followed by a book at the end of the Cluster.

Please CLICK HERE for the pdf of our starting document.


Saturated Space is co-run by three Directors:

Antoni Malinowski is an artist. He works with pigment, light, movement and time, investigating the dynamic relationship that exists between pictorial and architectural spaces. Malinowski focuses on the perceptual, emotive, and physical properties of colour. Ever since his acclaimed Camden Arts Centre exhibition in 1997 he has collaborated with several eminent architects (Bolles+Wilson, Haworth Tompkins, Eric Parry) on permanent projects in architecture. They range from engineering colour for facades (collaboration with Arup Associates) to complex wall paintings. Since 2001 Antoni has taught at the AA, and in 2002 he established “the Materiality of Colour” as a course which offers a unique way of learning about colour in space, through focusing on the interaction of light and the micro structures of pigments.

Adam Nathaniel Furman is a designer who works at various scales and across a range of mediums. He teaches, writes, designs, makes and collaborates as often as opportunity allows.

Fenella Collingridge studied painting at Camberwell School of Art and architecture at the Architecture Association. She has taught architecture for many years, most recently at the AA with Pier Vittorio Aureli and Barbara Campbell in Diploma school, and at the Royal College of Art in ADS 3. Fenella's teaching, writing and work has looked at patterns of inhabitation and urban design at both large and small scales. For the past three years she has been working with Peter Salter on four houses around a courtyard in West London which have involved extensive volumetric, material and colour studies to create different qualities of shadow, light, texture sound and quietness. In complete contrast to this bespoke scheme currently on site, she has worked on large scale social housing schemes at project 35. She has also worked on a few small architecture projects of her own. Fenella has published essays on mapping with William Owen and created the exhibition and AD special edition "Architextiles" in collaboration with Mark Garcia, the RCA textiles department and the advanced Geometry unit at Arup.

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