Tuesday 26 June 2012

Saturated Space 3: Reflections & Refractions

^Spectral Flip, Site Specific Installation by Antoni Malinowski

Thanks to everyone who came to our third event, at and in association with Aid & Abet Cambridge.

Yana Sistovani spoke about the Pre-Socratic atomic theory of colour perception, Ivana Wingham about the physicality of coloured light in relation to Architecture, Brian Hatton about the multiple meanings and uses of coloured material in space from Giotto to Mies' Villa Tugenthat, Antoni Malinowski discussed his site-specific, spatially interactive piece 'Spectral Flip' (see top), and Adam Nathaniel Furman introduced the Cluster, its current state, and future plans.

After the two and a half hours of lectures and discussion, much tea was drunk, and scones eaten, whilst walking around Antoni's interventions in the Gallery, and visiting his nearby facade installation on the CB1 development.

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