Saturday 5 May 2012

Saturated Space II: Materials, Light & Atmosphere

Saturated Space just concluded its second event (itinerary above), a series of trips and visits around Venice, and a symposium with the PHD program of the University of Venice's Architecture department. Some images below. For a full photo diary please visit our facebook page over at
Window sill in the Orsoni Workshop. Photo by Lucy Moroney
Pile of offcuts in the refuse area of the Orsoni Workshop
Bottom of a broken kiln pot, where excess material falls, and is collected, during heating
Glass mosaic terazzo floors in the Olivetti showroom
Matte Rose, and reflective grey venetian plaster by deLuigi, Azure blue painted panels, dark Teak, and Bronze details in the Olivetti showroom
Glass mosaic terazzo floors in the Olivetti showroom
Symposium with the Architecture PHD program at IUAV about the Authenticity and Theatricality of Colour in Architecture
Painted cast concrete at the Brion Cemetery
Coloured, gold leaf mosaics on the ceiling of the mausoleum at the Brion Cemetery. Photo by Lucy Moroney
Iridescent tiles at the Brion Cemetery. Photo by Lucy Moroney
Deep blue polished plaster on the interior of the family tomb at the Brion Cemetery
Marble floor tiles in the Querini Stampalia


  1. Those tiles and windows looks superb. I've always envied how the italians had such skill at putting together various fixtures in their architecture in a way that evokes that kind of reaction from an observer.

  2. I didn't noticed that it those colorful bricks were tiles. It's fun to make ideas like listed below and posted it in the floor.