Thursday 11 February 2021

The Colour of Green

Ever heard that white is more sustainable? Strolling through varied manifestations of visual culture, exclusively for Saturated Space, graphic designer Benedetta Crippa breaks down common myths around the complex relation between colour and sustainability, and their hidden dynamics of power.

Read in Calameo below, or download HERE for the pdf.

"I often propose to graphic design students this real scenario. You are presenting the layout of a business card to a client, in two versions: one with red background and white text, the other with white background and red text. The client says they really prefer the one with the red background, but they add you should print the other one, because the white background saves ink and it is more sustainable.
What do you do?
I could have played along: one designer going for a white background is no big deal, after all. What happens though when not one, but an entire generation of designers drops colour in favour of white? I imagined a world where white is established as the most ethical choice—it was not exciting, but not entirely unfamiliar either."

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