Friday 26 April 2013

Mucha Luz: A tale of Painters and Spaces in the Tropics

^Jaime Gili. “Posters for Posts”. Tynemouth, 2012. Archivo Jaime Gili

Exclusively for Saturated Space: Jaime Gili explores the impact of Tropical light and context on the modern tradition of Venezualan painting. From Armando Reveron and his 'blinding excess' of light through the Cineticos and their optically vibrating, phenomenally engaged work, and up to his own oeuvre, Gili questions the platitude that colours come from a country’s environment entirely, positing instead more historic, international, and yet personal origins for an artist’s palette. With an exemplary house in Caracas by Gio Ponti as the ideographic fulcrum representing the rich mixture of influences and ideas, tastes, styles and values that formed the context for many of these artists’ production, Gili introduces us to the world and heritage of the mobile, trans-cultural, but still very much grounded 21st century Venezualan artist.

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